Racist woman calling herself ‘Jeremy Kyle wannabe’ launches vile rant about immigrants on London train

A woman unleashed a vile racist rant against British Asians on a London train.

The woman reportedly “spent 20 minutes spewing hate speech ” at teacher Nassima Iggoute and her friends on a London Overground train on Saturday night.

The unnamed woman, dressed in high heels, reacted to being filmed by saying: “Britain! F*** you all – and get that on YouTube. Get it back to civilisation, mate.

“Oh, I’m a Jeremy Kyle wannabe – I couldn’t give a f***. I’m British, let Britain be British.

“Because I’m on a train, there ain’t one f*****g British c*** on here.


read more here https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/racist-woman-calling-herself-jeremy-13380068

Cllr Butt

Labour Councillor for Tokyngton ward and Leader of Brent Council

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