For the many not the few.
For the many not the few.

A Borough of Culture, Empathy and Shared Prosperity.

Brent is a fantastic place to live and work and everyone involved in making it so should feel very proud.

We believe there has never been a more important time to get involved, be engaged, or commit to protecting the best possible standard of essential public services.

Ours is the party of that standard, and we are the party of that commitment.

you can download our manifesto and read about the promise made to Brent residentsBrent manifesto

Year on year, Labour councils shield our communities from the worst of the government austerity agenda. The cuts to our budgets and services have been relentless. The Tory government have systematically stripped our communities of assets, hit the poorest in society with welfare cuts and continue their assault on local authorities by starving us of funds.

Right now local government face challenges that are both unprecedented and multifaceted. Adult social care faces a funding crisis that is urgent and on a scale never before seen, with councils struggling to fill the £2.6 billion gap that is needed by 2020. We are pushing on with housebuilding – even though it’s still not any easier for us to borrow money to build, and over the past year have forced the government to make a U-turn on mandatory academisation of schools.
Along the way, we have had to make tough choices, but know the alternative that can be imposed by a Tory government is far worse.

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