Budget consultation

Brent council is starting the process to consult upon the budget it will need to set 0n 25th February 2019 at its full council meeting.

You can try to balance the budget with the simulator here https://brentcouncil.budgetsimulator.com/

budget report 15 oct

The budget report details the financial situation that council is facing and details proposals around council tax as well.

Budget Proposals appendix A to D details

There are four appendices, starting with appendix A, has proposals that are relatively easy to address to appendix D which has proposals that are quite hard and complex.

budget proposals appendix A

budget proposals appendix B

Budget proposals appendix C

Budget proposals appendix D

There will be a presentation at the Brent Connects forums on the above.

181001 – Brent Presentation


Cllr Butt

Labour Councillor for Tokyngton ward and Leader of Brent Council

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